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Please suggest me a good antivirus

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Please suggest me a goo antivirus software which do not slow down the P.C.
I have AVG antivirus but it is not good :?: :?: :?: :?:


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just use BitDefender 9 or F-Secure

tell me if u r not satisfied .

very less people knows these................u just use because these 2 ARE the very very best . download by searching google : download bitdefender 9


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Top 10 Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware of 2006:

#1. BitDefender
#2. Kaspersky
#3. F-Secure
#4. PC-cillin
#5. ESET Nod32

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Avast anyone? I don't know why i come across this question everyday when digit includes avast in the CD almost everymonth and its one of the best for home users, very eeeeeeeeeeeesyeeeee to use. Download form avast.com.


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well avast is good but the default skin that avast bundles just "SUCKS"
It almost demolishes the professional aspect of such a great softy..
I suggest AVG / AVAST .......but for god sake...plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stay away from norton if u love your pc


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my vote is for avg... ;-) been using it for more than a year now... am happy with it ... no issues soooooooo far


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Bitdefender-good interface, good firewall, recognizes lots of malware
NOD32 - not-so-user-friendly interface

I recommend Bitdefender 9 Professional Plus. Thats what i use.

Avast, AVG - free, but not so good as BD or NOD.

norton-sucks memory, sucks hard-disk space, sucks altogether


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amrit1 said:
Please suggest me a goo antivirus software which do not slow down the P.C.
I have AVG antivirus but it is not good :?: :?: :?: :?:
Dear Amrit
I know AVG is not a good antivirus
But the Basic funda of antiviruses are as much good they are that much memory they absorve
Till Now I think Norton System Works 2005 is good but it need atleast 256mb SD RAM
or otherwise go for Norton Antivirus 2003
Their also one more that is Trend Micron PC-cilling Internet Security it can come up like Norton System Works 2005 bcoz its firewall is good enough for preventing your computer from viruses, spyware and more........
& also absorves less memory than Norton
I am also using PC-cilling nowadays

Satyam Yadav


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If you have an old slow computer then NOD32 or QuickHeal would be the best.
But if you have a new computer (ie- fast) then I would suggest you to go for Kasperskey or Panda Antivirus.

I used to have F-Prot (No anti-spy,anti-spam,anti-hack, NO TROJAN scanner) for the past 2 years but recently have switched to NOD32. Its good and lightweight but the interface(of manual scanner) is a little confusing.
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