Please suggest a cabinet without smps below 2,000 with 3 cabinet fans ..


In the zone
I want a Cabinet without SMPS with below 2,000 . The form factor is micro-ATX Form Factor (22.6cm x 17cm)

I require the following features .

1) support atleast 3 cabinet fans (Front , side , rear ),

2) atleast 2 Usb 2.0 or Usb 3.0 ports in front.

3) Cable management

4) Able to hold Gtx 960 GPU


Deepcool Tesseract, get it at Rs 2.5k from theITDepot, under that, you have to compromise on something..
Although I wont recommend Zebronics, there are some good models that may/may not be overpriced based on their Quality
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