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I want to know if i could install windows xp from a pirated disk..but with a valid product key(which i aquired during purchase of pc).if yes would it be called piracy.i also want to know if after the installation,will the windows installation be genuine or pirated.My recovery disk are damaged and there is no way to get a replacement disk. i have got the license key of xp but no installation disk.

version:Windows Xp home with sp1(OEM)
it was pre installed on my compaq pc.


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well may be technically it is piracy since u obtained it from an illigal source but (what is the right word) humanly it is not piracy.

may be u can get a copy from microsoft. why dont u try their coustomer support. because if u have a proof of purchase then u can get another copy for lesser price i think.


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Well, Windows had this program of giving cheap licenses to those possesing fake windows... in US/Canada alone. What they did was, send in a valid key to the user on purchase for immediate genuine usage, then they used to ship the disc so that the OS remains unpatched ... I dont think an installation from an illegal source is illegal with a legal key...

In your case, since it was an OEM, ask your reseller (compaq) for a replacement :)


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Hey ,It will not matter b`co your key is legal (original [Not used on any other computer ])

Like i have one copy(Original Win Xp ) & three backups incase original is damaged .I do sometme install my windos rom back-up copy with legal key & all went fine ..Do worry, install it

Also don`t throw your original Windows Xp cd

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I want to know if i could install windows xp from a pirated disk..but with a valid product key(which i aquired during purchase of pc).

sorry mate... what u have is a OEM product... which has limitation of installation... according to the ToC, u r suppose to use the Recovary (CD or what ever method u r manufacturer have given u) option to recover if any thing goes wrong.... but u r not suppose to reinstall it... its upto the trouble shooting guyess of the Company to decide...

now in a condition where u have a original XP OEN installaton disk, u still cant reinstall it many times, i dont know for exact but some 5 number of time it can be done....

what u r suggesting can be done with Volume licenseing Pack, where according to the ToC the customer is eligible to reinstall with any media of the same product unlimited number of time...

now that was Theoritical... and legal Crap...


if u do that, is fine... there will be no problem... even u can go with the online validation (if the key u r useing belongs to the same computer) of MS... every thing will work fine... u will be able to take full advantage of the genuine widows user... :)


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Microsoft customer care number

Can any body provide the Microsoft customer care number for INDIA.
i have to ask them abt the above problem.


No I dont think that should be an issue. Its the key which distinguishes the two.

This is the nos that you asked for 1800 11 1100 ( Only from a MTNL / BSNL phone )

The following cities are covered,

Delhi Mumbai Chennai Bangalore
Hyderabad Pune Ahmedabad Kochi
Kolkata Chandigarh Ludhiana Lucknow
Trivandrum Nagpur Baroda Jaipur
Nasik Bhubneshwar Coimbatore Bhopal
Gwalior Jabalpur Indore Agra
Faridabad Pondicherry Vellore Ghaziabad
Jalandhar Shimla Mysore Meerut
Mangalore Hubli Ambala Tirupur


Hope this helps.


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Well, what saurav_cheeta has told is true, ur OEM key will not be able to install from a pirated disk.
Either u'll have to use the key that came with the pirated disk or go for an VLK.(both ways its illegal)
Anywyas, better talk to M$ itself abt this :)

Choto Cheeta

MysticHalo said:
Well, what saurav_cheeta has told is true, ur OEM key will not be able to install from a pirated disk.

hay i never said that...

what i said is, though he can use any disk (XP) to install the XP, but which is illigal according to the ToC...


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Thanks all... My prob is solved....I got the replacement Cds from the Manufacturer.
Still there is the issue if somebody who has the OEM version and gets his/Her xp cd damaged then what is the solution if he cant get a replacement from manufacturer or what if the manufacturer cease to exist.


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I think it is 25 times. Since we cant activate it more than 25 times.
Do make backup copies of ur new disk and dont worry making backup copies for personal use is legal.


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Well .. if u own a legit key ... then use any damm cd u want to .. i do it ... i got a legit windows copy with my compaq pc ... now i made a XP installation cd with SP2 integrated .. i use it and have no probs what-so-ever ....


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If you are worried about losing the CD, then make a copy of it. But it would be illegal.
Or if your CD is damaged. I don't know whether Microsoft would provide a new CD
to a genuine XP buyer if his CD is damaged or lost.


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Just who -repped me for the above post for this lame message?

"u r not supposed to be giving links to other websites, r u??"

Lemme report the person for misuse?

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yeah , well microsoft gives u xp cd's if u have a valid license key and u say that ur cd's been damaged ! just call their customer support once .


hi all i found some stuff to convert xp pro pirated to orginal .

they say it works .

i did not test it as my os is orginal .

do u think it really works !!
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