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Personal video player, 4.3" to max 5.5", only purpose watching videos on the go.


I have this ainol media player with 4.3" screen size but its battery has gone bad because i kept the player dormant for extended period of time. I am searching for a device which i can dedicatedly use only for watching videos, absolutely no other functionality expected.
Unfortunately these companies like Teclast and Ainol have stopped making them and whatever stock is available in China so i cannot get them. I got the Ainol one when I was myself in China.
Screen size i am looking for are 4.3" to max 5.5", do not want to go for the 7" tabs, attracts too much attention when using them in public transport etc.
I am considering any big screen phone also which i can use as a video player only.
Currently i use my iPhone 4S to watch videos on the go but it is too small for that, but can live with it.
I would like to obviously spend as least as possible(under 5k), ready to buy used / second hand stuff.
Any options i have ?



Thanks for the ink This is exactly the thing but the problem is that when i checked one review, someone got the exact same issue as mine has. For starters even if the player is new, the video playing backup is 4-5 Hrs max but in that review the person mentioned his player's battery backup reduced to under an hour. This is happening with my ainol player now.
I am still testing it, sort of using it to see how well it loses power and all such things, if i conclude it has serious battery issue, i will sell it or something.

I am inching more towards buying some big screen android phone which can play videos (not 720p etc, just regular 480p or less ones). But as i mentioned i do not want to spend more on this, i will look for the brands like micromax, xolo, karbonn etc. Although i would love to get a more reliable brand like a samsung device but i am budget constrained.

I am even open to phones which have issues but has good screen and can play videos.
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