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  1. srkmish

    Micro USB Port of Ainol Venus not working :(

    Hi Guys, My micro usb port in ainol tab is not working anymore. Not charging or getting detected by comp. The same cable is working for my phone. So the port is definitely faulty. Is there something else i can try to bring the port back to life before sending for RMA?
  2. raksrules

    Personal video player, 4.3" to max 5.5", only purpose watching videos on the go.

    I have this ainol media player with 4.3" screen size but its battery has gone bad because i kept the player dormant for extended period of time. I am searching for a device which i can dedicatedly use only for watching videos, absolutely no other functionality expected. Unfortunately these...
  3. C

    Ainol Aurora 2 VS Ainol Fire

    Hi Guys, Can someone help me & share the differences between 2 tabs Is Ainol Fire worth spending Rs 4000 more than Ainol Aurora 2 tab? And Where I can get the best deal to purchase any of these 2 tabs?
  4. N

    FRONIX Aurora II

    guys has anybody ordered the fronix aurora II which is said to be dual core priced at around 7000 rupees.........check out this website...: http://www.fronixtech.com/ anybody suggest any better alternative available in india....???
  5. N

    Ainol india

    has anyone used the website : Ainol India - Sellers of Ainol Novo 7 Tablets in India. it is said to be redistributor of ainol tablets and they are actually providing ainol tablet at a lesser price in India......please check out the website.....Ainol India - Sellers of Ainol Novo 7 Tablets in India
  6. S

    how to root Ainol Novo7 Elf II

    Hi, I want to root Ainol NOVO7 Elf II,as there seems issue with google play.has any one done root with custom ROMs .Please guide.many of the basic games like Free Raging Thunder,London Olympics 2012 are working with some issues like abrupt dismissal at respective games finish.
  7. K

    Ainol Novo 7 Flame - updates / reviews / other useful info anyone?

    Am keen to learn about any reviews of ainol flame - understand from their website that release was planned for aug 8 2012 please post any relevant information on ainol novo 7 flame including updates / user experience / third party reviews etc
  8. D

    Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II is misleading?

    After some time of research which tablet to buy (almost decided to buy but bam!!) I came across a website which says Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II doesn't have dual core processor 0o. Link to website : Ainol Novo 7 II Aurora & Elf 2 are Misleading, Buyer beware! | PRLog Post date: May 09, 2012...
  9. ankit.kumar010203

    Ainol Novo 7 Elf II.....Thread...

    So Guys,Are You Planing To Buy This??? Do You Know About Its Build Quality...? Details Ainol Novo 7 Elf II is the latest 7 inch Dual Core Android Tablet.Ainol Novo 7 Elf II (Ainol Novo7 Elf 2) with Powerful Amlogic8726-M6 Cortex-A9 Dual Core 1.5GHz,DDR3 1G RAM,7 inch High-resolution LCD...
  10. A

    Micromax Funbook VS Karbonn Smart tab VS Veedee d10 vs Ainol Tornados?

    Hi guys i am new to think digit.. I want to know which tab is best among these and have a good service support i am from chennai ? Micromax Funbook Karbonn Smart tab Veedee d10 Ainol Tornados pls help..
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