Perfect Smartphone under 20,000


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I recently purchased Nexus 7, Xperia E Dual, Galaxy Ace Duos, Use Nexus 4, LG L4 Dual n Galaxy S Advance daily.. Yet still not convinced with these gadgets work.. Nexus 4 cannot replace a camera, Nexus 7 is a little big to be used as a phone.
I want to purchase a phone that fulfills my needs and be at reasonable price which are good quality camera, no lags, Screen visibility remains constant under sunlight, etc. Phones in mind : Xperia SP.


You need to know there is no "perfect" phone, every phone will have its disadvantage may it be battery,camera, size,capacity etc, so you gotta choose a phone with a disadvantage which you dont care about, for example if you dont care about a camera, buy a nexus 4/5...imo if you want to get closest to the perfect phone youll have to buy something like a 35-30k phone


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Good camera, great screen and not too big also.

+1 to this. For those who dont like the plain vanilla boring stock android (Nexus), there's no better smartphone than G2 right now. Else, you can look at Gionee Elife E7 3 GB RAM variant which has just been launched.
Xperia SP doesn't have great camera, same as that of N4, approx. But for 20k, its a good option......
Other options: S4 Mini (for dual SIM, better screen i.e. AMOLED, compact but lower pixel density)
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