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Hello frinds
I would like to know if there is a free software to convert .pdf files to .doc. It is very urgent. Please help me.
Deepak Krishnan


AFAIK, there is no free software to convert pdf documents into word documents. If you do not need the formatting to be maintained, you can use free pdf to txt converters available.



There is no free conversion software available. But as far as paid s/w is concern Abbyy Fine Reader 8 is just amazing. Will suggest u to try a demo version for 15 days (u can use all features of demo pack within a period of 15 days).

After 15 days you can buy Abbyy, or keep your system date within 15 days of Installation, it wouldn't expire. But once expired, you wouldn't be able to send batches to Word to be converted in .Doc, in that condition the only option will be formatting ur hard disk. And re-installation.



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UFO007 said:
I just need it for a project and so I dont want 2 spend money on such softwares.
i have found this software best for the work
it is called BCL drake soft(if link doesnot work use google or download.com)

ok it converts files to ino pdf most good feature about it is it power
i was able to convert 98 mb pdf files ,which hangs the computer to rtf
then from rtf to doc its microsoft office's work

so try it
literally it is not free but it gives trail for 30 days but to be clear if u uninstall soft after 28 days (suppose) and again install soft so understand urself
may be if they have made changes in lastest version
use registry cleaner after u uninstall
work will be done...


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I have tried amny software for doing this kind of work and I have found Abby's PDF transformer to be best among them. the trial version will not expire. it only allows to convert 3 pages of a multi page pdf or in the case multi pdf 15 at the same time. here at a time is important because after converting three pages, restart the software and you will again be possible to convert another set of three pages. In all other software I have found lot of problems regarding conversion of fonts, pictures, etc.


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If format is not a constraint, u can use hand tool to copy and paste data from pdf to word. In most cases format is not disturbed to large extent...

I have used this to copy & paste forms from pdf to doc and got gud results...


Yes Akshay is right, it can be done, but applies only on PDF to DOC, not jpg/tif/bmp.

And if u want to do much formatting then forget copy/paste, bcoz every single line will be shown as different paragraph.


47shailesh said:
every s\w on earth is free..... Try Adobe Acrobat Pro

wht do ya mean?
the guy needs it for project, not interested in buying one & u r recommending ADOBE ACROBAT PRO.


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ashfame said:
wht do ya mean?
the guy needs it for project, not interested in buying one & u r recommending ADOBE ACROBAT PRO.

come' on....understand in wht way he says its free ;)
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