1. arpanmukherjee1

    VC++ o/p format

    help wanted, people I want to read a .bmp or .jpeg image from disk location and output it as a word (.doc or .docx) format along with other text. plz give any API or coding to do this.... its urgent !!!
  2. bondashar

    e-book tablet prices anybody!!

    hey does any body no prices and where froms of any e-book tablet .. jus need it 2 run .pdf .doc and .txt file formats... thanx :p
  3. heartripple

    how to convert .doc. and .xls files into pdf

    hey i want to know that how to convert .doc and .xls files in pdf.and i also want to knoe how to create pdf files.;)
  4. G

    Need to view hindi text..urgent

    As you all know that board exams are approching so i downloaded the High order thinking skills questions from CBSE's official website but I am not able to view the hindi text written on ''.doc'' format. Please help so that I can view it. The below is actually a hindi text which I am not able to...
  5. Charley

    Scanned .Doc is Jpg. How to convert to .doc

    I asked a guy to sign a document form and send it to me. He signed,scanned it and send it to me as a jpg file. How can I get it back to .doc ?
  6. windchimes

    .doc file problem...please help..uRGENT

    Hi, Here I have got a 100 page file written in a regional font in .doc format. Now when I try to access it it is showing that the path is not correct. But the path is infact correct and the file shows the true size.Any way to access the file. wHAT WOULD BE THE PROBLEM I can access the...
  7. hullap

    Bacth Converter for .doc to.txt

    my father wants to to get a soft which will convert .doc files to txt which is psiibly FREE.
  8. C

    openSUSE 10.2 - its FANTASTIC! A small review from me...

    Hi all I just wanted to share that I've been running openSUSE 10.2 for a week now and I must say that its quite fantastic! Novell's OpenOffice is so much better than original OpenOffice....it handles .doc files better than any other non-MS office suite that I've seen....you'll almost...
  9. destroyme

    Nothing is opening !!!

    it's strange but i'm not able yo open any of the folder in my computer ........ My explorer.exe is workin since my desktop is there but whatever i click(foler or icon/shortcuts) is not opening...but ya files (.doc , .txt , .exe) are working ........... So suggest me something Plz .......:-(
  10. K

    I cann't open files with the extensions like .xml, .doc etc

    hi frnds I am facing a problem that I can not open a MS Office application files with the ext .xml, .doc etc. The error is : " Error 1606. Could not access network location:. " Anyone knows the solution? Then pls guide me.
  11. plsoft

    PDF to DOC

    Which software is best for converting .pdf files to .doc?
  12. deepak.krishnan

    pdf to doc converter

    Hello frinds I would like to know if there is a free software to convert .pdf files to .doc. It is very urgent. Please help me. --------------- Deepak Krishnan
  13. S

    doc to music file

    I just downloaded a song which is .doc..... how do i get it to play?????
  14. A

    TV Channels Guide--------Bis Collection Of All

    Guys I am looking for TV guide(indian Channels) So Do anyone of u know any. mAY BE in a .doc file or something.
  15. K

    converting.pdy files directly to .doc files.

    I would like to do the copy and paste method (into word document) by converting.pdy files directly to .doc files.? Can you inform me what and where are the copletely Free Softwares available from? And can you inform me about the details of the use of Adobe PDF conversion along with its...
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