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Hello Guyz,

Need to buy 14 PCs of 30 to 32k max, cant exceed the price.

So please let me know specs for it .

It will be used for gaming purpose (Cybercafe).

1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.')
Ans: Dota, dota 2, warcaft, COD MW 3, Batman AC , GTA 4 and new one

2. What is your overall budget? If you can extend a bit for a more balanced configuration, then mention this too.
Ans: 30-32K

3. Planning to overclock?
Ans: No

4. Which Operating System are you planning to use?
Ans: Windows 7 or WIndows XP

5. How much hard drive space is needed?
Ans: 500GB

6. Do you want to buy a monitor? If yes, please mention which screen size and resolution do you want. If you already have a monitor and want to reuse it, again mention the size and resolution of monitor you have.
Ans: Yes, 20 or 22 inch

7. Which components you DON'T want to buy or which components you already have and plan on reusing?
Ans: None

8. When are you planning to buy the system?
Ans: in next 2 weeks

9. Have you ever built a desktop before or will this be done by an assembler?
Ans: I will asseble it my self

10. Where do you live? Are you buying locally? Are you open to buying stuff from online shops if you don't get locally?
Ans: Jalgaon, yes will buy online or locally where ever I get cheap rates.

11. Anything else which you would like to say?
Ans: I trust u guyz and will suggest me perfect config.

Also tell me where I can get in cheap rate as quantity is little high :D

I thought about Intel i3 2120 and any nice motherboard u guyz suggest.

If any one know any distributor or dealer selling me products in reasonable prices, let me know the name and contact no.

Utkarsh Sharma

Intel Core i3 2100: 6.5k
Gigabyte H61M-D2H: 3k
4GB RAM: 1.2k
500GB HDD: 3.8k
Gigabyte GV-R775OC-1Gi: 6.8k
Acer P206HV: 5.1k
FSP Saga II 400w: 2k
Altec Lansing Classic Audio BXR1221: 1k
Intex 600VA: 1.2k(optional)
Logitech combo: 0.5k
LG 22x SATA DVD writer: 0.9k
any cheap iBall case: 0.6k
Total: with UPS: 32.2k
without UPS: 31k
If you can buy the PCs without UPS then you can have about 1.9k to spare. Then you can invest it in a better GPU like the PowerColor Radeon HD 6790 for 7.5k and a good PSU like Corsair CX430V2 for 2.4k.
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Rig suggested above is ok
Graphic card : MSI R6770-MD1GD5 @ 6.6k

PSU : CORSAIR Builders Series CMPSU-430CX @ 2.7k (check for CX 430v2)

You can cut cost by using Headsets for each PC instead of spending on speakers..(Also on Multiplay the Players will face problem in sitting in single room so i suggest some cheap headsets)

For RAM look for this
Corsair DDR3 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) PC RAM (CMV4GX3M1A1333C9) | Ram | Flipkart.com


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Thanks for the specs,

But I dont need speakers, UPS and DVDROM.

Will buy one separate USB DVDROM for installation.

So my tight budget is only till 32k, can you plz revise the specs..:D
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