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Killing Machine
Is there a way to opt out of Auto debiting of our Debit cards after this month is over like in Xbox Subscription?
Only way is to block international transactions on your credit/debit card from the bank portal so they won't be able to charge the card. It is better you manually cancel the subscription at Ubisoft before the next month full charge is done.


Killing Machine
Cheaper on origin for Rs 333.11
On Steam, this is the first time hitting -90% off. I already have the game on Origin, otherwise I would've preferred a Steam copy of it.

IIRC I got the standard edition from Prime gaming for free in this month. Is there a significant difference between those two?

Looks like cosmetic stuff and weapons. So I think we are not missing much.


Sega discovery sales going on steam. Games like Bayonetta, Vanquish,Yakuza + many more games on sale.

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