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Highlights of 2020:
  • 160M users
  • 56M monthly active users (Dec)
  • $265M Epic purchases on 3rd party games
  • 103 games given worth $2407 each user // $749M total worth free games claimed
  • Open Critic Reviews added
  • Self-Service Refunds added
  • 19 new Currencies added
What's coming in 2021:
  • Wishlist Improvements
  • Social Overhaul
  • Achievements (yaaaaaay!)
  • Player Profiles
  • Cart feature??

What is the last one? The sorely missed cart functionality?



Metro 2033 (Non-redux version) free on Steam.



Metro 2033 (Non-redux version) free on Steam.
Ahh yes, my first steam game ever.. Thanks nvidia giveaway all those years ago


Wise Old Owl

Metro 2033 (Non-redux version) free on Steam.
Is this still on? I don't see an option to add this to library. I can and did add it to my wishlist.


Wise Old Owl
I am not much of a gamer. I play and manage to complete may be 1 title in a whole year. So I do not pay much attention to sales.


HITMAN 1 (base edition) was given away for free on Epic Games last August (https://redd.it/ihmnr3). If you grabbed that (or bought it), you can now upgrade it for free to a Game Of The Year Edition!

Here's how:

  1. Add the free Hitman 3 Starter Pack to your Epic account: HITMAN 3 - HITMAN 3 - Free Starter Pack (this counts as owning Hitman 3, a requirement for the next step)
  2. Go to the HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 1 GOTY Edition page: HITMAN 3 - HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 1 GOTY Edition
  3. There will be a price still here. Click on BUY NOW and it will be 100% discounted!
You now own and can play Hitman 1 GOTY Edition within Hitman 3!
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