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Killing Machine
StarCraft II
SC 20th anniversary sale

This is the dynamic pricing for me considering stuff I already own (WoL standard, HotS standard, LotV Collector's, some heroes, some announcers etc). Don't have Nova ops missions. I really want to get the deluxe collection to make things "complete" but the pricing difference is putting me off.

1. Nova collection and other missing campaign stuff = $6.92
2. Extra deluxe in-game goodies of which I only don't have WoL freebies and HotS freebies (portaits, decals, pets, diablo wings) = $10.34!! :-x


Killing Machine
So does anyone know what's the cheapest I can get GTA IV: Complete Edition?

I bought the complete GTA collection (well except GTA V of course) from Nuuvem back in 2015 for ₹310. I haven't been around Nuuvem for a while now (after Indian Steam pricing came into picture) but you can take a look when Nuuvem sales happen. Proof below.



Killing Machine
Apparently cheapest was 150 during a sale. Next sale will be in June or so, Summer sale, just buy it during that time.
Grand Theft Auto IV · AppID: 12210
That is vanilla GTA IV and he wants this - Complete Edition. Going by Steam price and discount for this game (-70%), in the next Steam sale it should be available for ~ ₹300. @BakBob your best bet in getting it cheap is either foreign low value market like Brazil (Nuuvem which I shared before) or Russia or keep an eye on Gamersgate where there is a chance of getting it at ~₹220 in their next sales.
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