PC Buying Guide and Suggested Configs 2015 - Q2


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Best PC under 20k with 4 gb ram , 1tb hdd, monitor, for general home and office use with light gaming


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I mean old games like company of heroes, age of empire etc, I thought computer technology is moving fast and I can get a good PC in 20 k now.


So is the downfall of INR vs USD. The first suggested config should be enough for requirements.

Pity that its most likely to stay that way since Modi's strategy is an export oriented one.

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yes a complete system with monitor, keyboard and mouse

1) Try the second hand market and scavenging for parts.
2) DO NOT skimp on the power supply.
3) You can save money on the case, keyboard and mouse.
4) The suggested motherboard, Gigabyte GA-G1.Sniper-A88X, is a bit too expensive. Are there any cheaper ones for 3-5K?
5) Although the AMD CPU should be good enough for your uses, for good gaming performance you'll need fast RAM which will further eat into your budget. Try the second hand market here OR if somoene here can suggest a build with a discrete card that is faster than the onboard graphics?
6) Try second hand monitors that have high repairability.
7) Do you also need windows?


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OK budget increased to 24 k now
Dell has a desktop for that price with a 22 inch monitor. Though you will surely not be able to play games that put load on the pc they will use cheap components with a 400w or less psu.

I'd suggest wait and make a budget of 30k and get these.

Core i3 4150 - 7.5k with intel hd graphics. This will allow for light gaming and maybe games some games like PES on low-mid settings.

Mobo- Asus B85M-G - 5.9k

Ram - Any good ram kit 2x2gb for dual channel should cost about 2.2k as ram prices are low.

PSU - Corsair CX500 Rs. 3.5k (A good psu is a must, don't go for the cheaper ones or the corsair VS series. You could get a CX600 for 4.2k which is ideal.

Any good cabinet that you can use to add a gfx card later if you want or fans for cooling. 2k for this. According to an old digit article nzxt gamma was for 2.5k.Which has good spacing for cards and you can put some good cooling in that.

Logitech MK200 Keyboard and mouse combo rs.900 or so.

1k for a dual layer dvd writer.

I'd suggest a good 1080p (21.5 inch) or at least a 900p (20 inch) monitor for watching movie as a secondary use. Will cost you upto 8k for a 21.5 inch monitor. Lesser for the 20 inch one.

FYI - you will need to upgrade the power supply in future to a good 600w one if you plan on adding a gfx card like the gtx 960 in the future, if not then this config will suffice. A cx600 can run cards like the 960.

You can find these components cheaper locally, or you can even strike luck on the upcoming flipkart or amazon sales, if you prefer buting like that.

But if you are going to spend then wait and do it well, a 30k PC will be better than any 24k compromise.


Dragon War gk 001at rs 600 ....is it a good deal..i want a keyboard in this range only...is it good..?
Please reply fast is it on fk..it may go out of stock soon
Which PSU should I go for? Antec BP450P / Corsair VS450 ? Also difference between Gigabyte GA-H81M-S and Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1? And which one to go for?


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I have a dragon war key board its good. But keys are cramped together, wish it could have been bigget


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can anyone suggest me a good configuration under 20k.I need to upgrade my old system and i am thinking of reusing the old ram(4gb ddr3) and Gforce 210 (1gb).So now i need a Motherboard ,CPU and a hard drive.


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please include a new config with budget of 10-15k range with embedded motherboards like this Gigabyte GA-J1800M-D2P-IN Motherboard

Gigabyte GA-J1800M-D2P-IN Motherboard - Buy Gigabyte GA-J1800M-D2P-IN Motherboard Online at Low Price in India - Snapdeal

will be good for 10-15k range builds


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I have i5 4670s which has a 65 TDP processor but it has 3.1Ghz speed. My doubt is that if I go with i5 4570 then will it have any difference in performance in gaming as I am using GTX960 2GB as my GPU.


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Unless budget is a constraint or h/w compatibility, the only 4th gen worth going for imo are 4690 & 4690k. Depending on if you want to overclock or not, and if you have a overclockable board for the 4690k.


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Unless budget is a constraint or h/w compatibility, the only 4th gen worth going for imo are 4690 & 4690k. Depending on if you want to overclock or not, and if you have a overclockable board for the 4690k.

Thanks for clearing my doubt. As I don't have the budget to go with i5 4690 or i5 4690k. So will upgrade only the SSD for the speed boost...
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