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Partitioning your hard drive in Windows Vista

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Hey i bought a new hd of Segate 1TB now i've installed it in my pc and ti is working properly bt the thing is that now i want to create a partition in that hd and i m not getting it...
In disk management it is showing me "Simple Volume" (with a mustard color icon) and when i right click the volume it shows me these options - "Open, Explore, Change Drive Letter and Paths, Delete Volume, Properties, Help"..
Now can any 1 tell me that how to create partition in that hd... Pls help...
Nice post ^^ but i prefer partitioning using Gparted via Ubuntu . It is very advanced and gives the option to create linux as well as windows partitons .Shrinking volume sometimes create issues as it requires 75 %+ of free disk space .I did it in my frnds lappy and after that i had to recover Vista ;) as i shriked C:\ drive with 72% or so free disk space .

@illusionist : Delete the volume and right click and click add new , put the size,format it to Ntfs and proceed. Remember to make all your partitions as logical as there is a limit of 4 Primary partitions. Dont get wound up in that ;) . Unallocated space will appear if you go beyond the limit of primary partitions while creating them.
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