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Can someone give me a good p2p file sharing software i have a broadband connection a home

Kazaa had too many ads would prefer if there where no ads


Well there are lotsa available for windows man,just search a bit google.
Anyways I've been using Emule,Edonkey,Kazaa Lite & DC++.Search google for more info about them.


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Well if u want a Latest P2P Trend setter then Its definetly Bit Torrent....and if the Good Old All rounder then it Definetly has to Be Kazaa Lite 2.4.3 .....but be sure to load all ur antivirus updated just to be safe and yeah if possible even try to install a firewall(some of these P2P's wont work with the firewall though).....and the rest reamins tons of P2P choices Just google for it...... :D

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Hey guys, I tried Bit Torrent on a 512 Kbps connection, and ur so called "Extremely good transfer rates" translates into 2 KBps - 5 KBps...

I suggest u use
Imesh 4 or Imesh 5 (beta) ( *www.imesh.com ) (or)

Morpheus ( *www.morpheus.com )


If you want small files, then eMule is the best. Its fast, free, open source, no spyware and you almost always get anything you want. Only problem is while downloading large files (>600 MB) you often end up with a p0rn movie instead :p

For large and popular files I recommend using IRC. Search the forums, I once posted a link on how to use IRC for downloading files.

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Slam Team said:
Hey guys, I tried Bit Torrent on a 512 Kbps connection, and ur so called "Extremely good transfer rates" translates into 2 KBps - 5 KBps...

You probably have a crappy connection i.e. one that is not setup properly, it is a well established fact that BitTorrent is king when it comes to large files and fast downloads.


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xenkatesh said:
Can anyone give me the download link to Bitorrent....

Well if u want the software then Its This Link......
Azureus: *azureus.sourceforge.net/download.php
Bitspirit: *www.bytelinker.com/intl/download.htm

and if you want the Download sites then Its:
www.suprnova.org (best for Foreign Downloads)
www.desitorrents.com (As the name suggests Best for our desi downloads)


Well my old time favourite is still Winmx however currently i have started using Limewire : this later one is also quite good and has no hidden adwares or other instalations on your PC. :D

Also, i think you need to have a good updated Anti-virus, Firewall and adware scanners before you start using any P2P softwares.......

About kaazaa: i dont know why so many people still like it quite good, its has got quite a few irritating links with it and when i removed kaazaa these don't get deleted. :cry: any thoughts about this from anyone??
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