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out of frequency range???

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i am getting the foresaid error after i installed linux suse 10.
This problem only troubles me when i run linux, however while running windows i dont have this problem
Plz help me solve this prblm


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pls describe your problem a little more.
does your monitor shows this error?? if yes, you have selected an unsupported resolution or refresh rate. normally, a 15 inch monitor can't work at higher resolutions than 1024 X 768 @ 60Hz. Run Xconf (or what ever Xsetup) and select a lower resolution or refresh rate.
same, it only means the monitor cannot support over a certain resolution.

for example, my skool has a comp running 98 and whenever they run turbo c++ you get the outof freq error

Ive noticed this error more frequently occuring in Philips 105S5 15" monitors than any other.....

just an observation...


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Have look here and try it.
What is the max. frequency your monitor supports?
You will then have to change the display settings using YAST.
Have a look here too.
Sorry I can't be very specific cos its been quite a while since I used Suse so can't recollect it very well.
You will have to reboot in safe mode and set your monitor frequency to supported settings and many times updating the drivers too helps.


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gauravakaasid said:
what if windows 2k or XP shows the error?

You have to boot in VGA mode and change the resolution. Booting in safe mode will not allow you to change the resolution.

But to be on the safer side you have to do this.
Go to Contol Panel>Display>Settings>Advanced>Monitor

Check the box that says "Hides modes that this monitor cannot display"
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