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Only 2 SATA device can run on my PC


Broken In
I have 3 HDDs and 1 DVD drive. But I am not able to run more than any two of them together. Is it a SMPS issue ? I have 450W SMPS and have graphics card installed (Asus EAH6670). Whenever I connect third SATA drive, one of it (randomly) stops functioning. I can run ANY two without any problems. When a HDD does not work, it gives beep beep sound too.


Cyborg Agent
this could be a PSU issue. what brand is your SMPS.
check by removing the graphics card and try running with on board graphics (assuming your mobo has onboard graphics) does it sustain all 3 HDDs this time?
Also what happens when you disconnect DVD..try with such combinations etc to narrow the issue.


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many local PSUs have such problem. Also this issue can arise with PSU aging.
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