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hi there

is there any software which find out a person who is online but in my messanger he/she appears to be offiline but still i can find it out whether he/she is online offline in yahoo/msn messanger.

reply if u know any of this online tool finder



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See this:
alib_i said:
In Yahoo Messenger ..
You want to know if somebody is actually offline or simply keeping his/her status as 'Invisible'
Then .. Right Click username and 'Invite to Conference'
Click 'Invite' in the window which appears
If he/she is actually offline then an error message will come saying ..
"None of the users in the invite list are available to join the conference. Please try at a later time."
If he/she is invisible then no such message comes
( the user gets the invitation and hence knows that he/she was checked for being invisible )
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