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Hi guys =)

Just want to tell you that i created a brand new games website that i think is cool, however it needs to grow ;) come and check it out if you like them and have time

Play By Orc Games (* :)

We have several good games and we are uploading new ones as well :) You can also upload and share the games that you like or that you have created =) ( just click the upload button )

By the way, do you have favorite online games?
You should try out Legends Of Surf hehe... it's my fav game =) ... but will play more so maybe i will change my mind =P

If you have favorite games or anything feel free to post them here :)


P.S. any feedback is more than welcome! :)


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Curiously though, why is an ad by a senior member not considered spam??? Besides, I don't see this guy posting madly everywhere! (Although this does qualify as an ad and is illegal on this forum).
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