One year old KID needs help from Digit forum members regarding software..

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Hello Everybody. Thanks for all of your supports and suggestion to choose my PC. I assembled it myself with Intellectual inputs from forum readers.

Now my 1 year old daughter Priyadarshini showing up her Interest in the new INTERESTING THING in my house! I am planning to give her at least 15 to 20 minutes to play with my P.C. 15/20 minutes will be enough for her because there are other issues like eye strain etc.
Can you guys suggest any special softwares or interactive games for her age ? I googled but did not get any interesting thing.
Currently she loves playing a Musical Keyboard program for some days.

Please see if you can help her (!).


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few years ago i saw some very cool S/W for kids, since it's a long time i don't remeber it exactly...
i think it was ' Microsoft plus for kids' :)

it was a pack of some of the very interesting s/w like

MS paint it-modification of general paint but it's gr8
MS talkit- it's a text t speech s/w
MS Piano- it's the piano
and some more... but i don't remember it, if u search i think u can easily get it some where.....:)

aneesh kalra

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exact software
microsoft play it electronic synthesizer software
talk it-text to sppech software
paint it-painting software


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Thnaks. I am now going to search for these SWs and will tell you about this.

My kid loves a speacial MP3 collection of rhymes which I normally play in my DVD player. Yesterday I played that CD in WInamp and with some visualisations. WOW! she really loved the new concept visualisation with her favourite rhymes.


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One year old children generally show interest in painting, you can download simple painting software. If you google, you may come across. Wish your kid a happy PC experience.
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