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Official Digit CTC VI discussion thread (WARNING: SPOILERS HERE)

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Broken In
I am at a clue that deals with the boss of stage 3 in the NES version of a certain game.
Any help is appreciated, nothing usual seems to be working.
could you give me some clue regarding that fishy hacker i know its from that 'hacking' scene of 'that' movie but what ?


Right off the assembly line
What's with the comic strip clue I don't get it. The person looks like he's question from batman comics but that's all I've got from the image. Please help.
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Sith Lord
Staff member
questions 1-10: Passwords from pop culture
questions 11-15: hackers from pop culture
questions 16-20: elements from classic games. You have to find the proper names of the objects/chars/elements.
questions 21-30: colour theory.
questions 31-40: ciphers. All of them are types of substitution ciphers. If you figure out how to use machines to solve one of these, all of them should be easy.
questions 41-50: mixed bag.

PS, a lot of you seem to be getting stuck on q 29, look for contemporary, fashionable or trendy colours. Then dig into the history.
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Sith Lord
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ooh wait... it was working till yesterday lol - just straight up showing the answer, the search results shifted... oh well

just do reverse image search, and add password in description, you should get on the right track then
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