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  1. rohitshakti2

    Mitsubishi 3* AC vs Lloyd 5* AC

    Mitsubishi vs Panasonic vs Hitachi 5* AC upto 40K I have a budget of rs.35000 for 1.5 ton ac. I am confused between Lloyd LS19A5LK 5* and Mitsubishi MS-H18VA 3*. Lloyd 5* is costing rs.34000 with installation and stabiliser and Mitsubishi 3* is costing rs.38000 with installation and stabiliser...
  2. T

    O General Inverter Split or Mitsubishi Hybrid 1.5 Split AC ?

    I require an AC for extended use. As I work from home the AC will continuously run day and night. Hence energy consumption is a must. Also air quality is important as I have allergies due to dust. Room size is 12.5 ft (breadth) X 15ft (length) X 11ft (height) Budget is open. The...
  3. S

    Split AC Under 35 K - Mitsubishi 1T 4 Star or Sharp 1T Inverter

    I live in a duplex at Chennai. At first floor, have 3 bedrooms all abt 140~150 Sq feet area, with no wall facing but roof under direct sun. I have gone through the recent posts and I must say, I have learnt a lot about Inverter Airconditioners. So I have finalized the following under 35 K...
  4. The Incinerator

    Mitsubishi Electric or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

    I am torn or at loss whose AC are better along with good after sales service. If somebody can try and help. Im looking at 1.5 Ton model
  5. C

    How to:- GPRS (Hutch) in a Mitsubishi Mondo trium

    Hi There, Does anybody know the process of configuring GPRS in a Mitsubishi Mondo Trium (pocket PC)-Sold ny Orange, UK. This Pocket PC (+mobile) is also WAP enabled. Even the idiots in Hutch(Delhi Circle) are not able to help me :( . They started my GPRS and after 4 days told me that we...
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