O/cing 6800gs

Discussion in 'Hardware Q&A' started by Siriusblack, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Dec 4, 2005
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    hey guys i recently bought a leadtek 6800gs at Rs.14200. Can anybody tell how to o/c it what are its max limits max temp. etc ... thnx in advance
  2. gxsaurav

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    Download coolbit 2.0 from guru3d.com install that registry tweak & U can overclock from the NVIDIA control panel

    The 6800GS has a temperature sensor; it can be monitored from the GFX Settings panel itself.

    First simply install coolbits, by double clicking it,& click on detect optimal frequency, once it sets, play some games for long run, 1 hr or 2 just to test the stability. Then increase the memory & core clock speed again, manually with 5 MHz increments, until u get lockups or reboots while playing games, in which case, decrees the speed again to last good clock value. Overclocking is dangerous so be careful while doing this... & don't blame us for ruining it. In case your GPU reaches 65C then don't increase the clock speed further
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