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Nvidia reclaims the top spot with GTX 295

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ATI HD49x0 series is coming in Jan next year but most probably it will be pitted against the lower end Nvidia cards, it would be an improvement over 4670 & 4650 and might end up faster than or equal to 4830 but priced less than that at the same time :D
shouldn't that be HD47x0 ? :confused:
HD49x0 should be better than HD4870 atleast.


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There won't be any HD49x0 series AFAIK. Yes there's RV740 a 40nm GPU but that's jus a prototype u can say of what we can expect from HD58xx

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Well How do you know that???????

by reading game engine stuffs....the most simple thing u can see straight away is dat they hav limited the usage of stream processors in Crysis to 128. The max. no. of them that were present in the nVidia's top card at dat time, while ATi was having 320 stream processor cards.

I wish AMD releases their new motherboards (785G ?) with RV710 Onboard and with something like hybrid power soon. I don't see that in their roadmap so far.

And what ever happened to AMD's loudmouthing about SB710 southbridge ? Its supposed to be SB700 with AAC enabled - great for cheap overclockers, and its supposed to feature on ALL their future 45nm plans according to AMD roadmaps.


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Dude, u r going wrong here.
9800GTX - 128 Shaders(1D)

HD3870 - 320 Stream Processors (5D)
Actual HD3870 SHADERS = 320/5=64 Shaders

But still this GPU performed accordingly,remember, it performs just a tad better than 9600GT? Well u r seeing SHADERS on one hand and STREAM PROCESSORS on the other.

So HD4870x2 has got 800x2=1600 Stream Processors
=1600/5 Shaders
=320 Shaders
GTX280 has 240 shaders, so here AMD wins big time. But GTX295 has 480 Shaders and a 448-bit Memory Interface although 1768MB GDDR3 but rest all in favour of nVidia, so here AMD loses.


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I am pretty sure that GTX295 will be faster than HD4870x2 but that would only for a brief amount of time. AMD is fast moving to 40nm microarchitecture and before GTX295 kicks into the mainstream (affordable), AMD will be showing off benchmarks of their next GPU's.

The competition is really now. I am really happy to see what AMD did to ATI. Hope they would do the same thing to their processor line up. :)


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GTX295 wud nvr ever kick off mainstream, if it does, nVidia wud hav to sell each piece at atleast 30% loss wich they wud nvr do
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