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Discussion in 'Graphic cards' started by gxsaurav, Apr 7, 2006.

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  1. gxsaurav

    gxsaurav Guest

    NVIDIA has just released, their first ever own build TV tuner card to take on ATI AIW & other hardware based TV tuners.

    Although TV Tuners based on NVIDIA graphics chip are available from a long time, this is the first time NVIDIA is releasing something like this to take directly on ATI & other TV Tuner card vendor's market share such as pinnacle or Hauppauge

    The new TV tuner is called NVIDIA DualTV MCE, it contains 2 hardware based Tuner modules from Philips, so U can watch & record at the same time, with full hardware speed reducing CPU usage even further, directly in MPEG2 SD video, at 720X480 resolution or uncompressed, with MPEG2/PCM audio. It also supports FM receiver & not to forget, it supports purevideo, but u will need a NVIDIA geforce 6 or 7 series graphics to see the benefits, however, judging by the info at NVIDIA website, it seems like it has purevideo capability inbuilt, even without a NVIDIA graphics card, which is good as now even those with onboard graphics or other low end graphics cards, which are enough for HTPC situations can use it, with no quality loss

    Technical Specs , it costs only $219 with a remote from NVIDIA, however if u have Windows XP MCE remote, that will do everything. Currently available in PCI format


    Full Image 56K warning

    Good to see this, as HTPC or computer in living room is the next step many companies are moving in
  2. mayanksharma

    mayanksharma New Member

    Mar 30, 2006
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    does this supports 5.1 audio and HDTV processing too?
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