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Nvidia 9800 Series Coming Soon - In November

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The GeForce 9800 series of graphics processing units, GPUs for short, are based on the video processing chip codenamed G92 that is built by the Taiwanese contractor TSMC, using the 65 nanometer fabrication process. The complex architecture of the graphics chip and its capabilities are responsible for the fact that the G92 has over one billion transistors within. Going further than the 8800 series, Nvidia implemented in the G92 chips the second Generation Unified Shader Architecture as well as doubled precision support in the form of the FP64 technologies. As graphics processing units are now known for their parallel computing capabilities, the manufacturing company decided to make good use of them and integrate the GPGPU as a native technology.

Talking about parallel computing capabilities, well, the G92 GPU will hit the one teraflop mark with its shader processing units that comes in a MADD+ADD configuration which translates in 2+1 FLOPS=3 FLOPS per ALU (the shorthand for the arithmetic logic unit). The fully scalar design of the G92 series of GPUs is combined with a 512bit wide memory interface and an extended support for as much as 1GB of GDDR4 graphics memory. Graphics APIs supported are represented by the latest (in fact not yet released) DirectX 10.1 and its open source equivalent, OpenGL 3.0. Other new features of the G92 series are the support for "FREE 4xAA", an audio HDMI compliant chip, a tesselation unit built directly into the graphics core and improved performance and quality output of the AA and AF units.

While pricing for the GeForce 9800 series will vary wildly across the different manufacturers, two price ranges are being shuffled: 549-649 USD for the GeForce 9800 GTX and 399-449 USD for the GeForce 9800 GTS.



Any idea how much would be the reduce in price of 8800? and is it worth the wait of two months, for the price slash as I was planning to buy a new gfx card now. Will this effect the price of 79xx series?


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rumors, theyve announced 9 series, 89xx series, 87xx series i really doubt any are coming
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