Nokia's Android flirtations revealed.


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I don't know if this device is "super confidential" or not, but I've just come across yet another Nokia N9 lookalike with a non-MeeGo operating system on board. Well, it looks that way, anyhow. There's no way to verify that the Android homescreen we see above is a legitimate Gingerbread installation and not a mere screenshot (the resolution looks all wrong, for one thing), but the source of this image is the same Chinese fellow that posted a picture of Nokia's Windows Phone prototype, the Sea Ray, way back in May, so I'm inclined to believe he's got an inside line on these things. Additionally, the undersized Android UI elements on the screen actually encourage me to believe that this is indeed a Nokia testing device -- if I was going to fake something like this, I'd use a regular screen grab for my tomfoolery -- and Stephen Elop has openly admitted that Nokia spent a couple of wild seconds contemplating a switch to Android. Well, folks, here's what that alternate future might have looked like.




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there is a "C0" mark on the top left corner. now Nokia is not going for any Android mobile & when i first got the news i was sure it is a simple Android port much like Nokia N900. but now that C0 is puzzling me. can this be some early prototype?

also this got a black status bar = most likely stock Gingerbread (Android 2.3).


For a second I thought the phone was on a dual boot with Android and WP7, anyway, this is Nokia.
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