Nokia tested Android on Lumia devices before the Microsoft deal


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A report by the New York Times sheds light on what Nokia’s future could have looked like without Microsoft in it. Allegedly, the Finnish company was testing Android on Lumia devices before the deal with Microsoft was announced.


Nokia had the option to get out of the Microsoft partnership in late 2014. Testing out Android devices was preparing the company for such a future. According to NYT’s sources, getting Nokia devices to boot Android was an easy task to accomplish from an engineering perspective.
Microsoft executives were apparently aware of the Android project inside Nokia. However, its existence wasn’t part of the acquisition negotiations.

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Maybe, if we can dual-boot to WP8/Android it will be a lot better.
But, i know that it will happen only in my dreams. :mrgreen:


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The Lumia h/w plus WP8 is what makes a Lumia tick. Putting Android into it would have meant upgrading the hardware as well to supply the kind of the resources that OS would require, since entry to mid-level Lumias have only 512MB of RAM with a dual-core processor.


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There is one news I don't know whether it's rumour or else, that says Nokia's senior employee planning to start Newkia branded mobiles which runs on Android platform...


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Nokia Android prototype reportedly is still into production - news

In fact, the project is so ahead in its development that Foxconn has made and delivered a cool 10,000 "Mountain View" prototype units to date. Moreover, there are still more development that's going around the prototype and Foxconn is continuing its manufacturing. According to the report, the project will continue to live on at least until November. Then, Nokia shareholders are bound to approve or denounce Microsoft's acquisition offer.

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