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NOKIA 3120 hanging & not starting!- Help

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My Nokia 3120 phone is hanging which is progressively becoming worse (previously once or twice a day, but now almost in every 15 minutes). Most of the time it is when I try to use the phone to call some no. Previously it was restarting by itself after hanging but now it doesn’t restart. I can able to switch it on only after 2-3 min waiting, before that it refuses to switch on. Is it hardware problem with any IC or I need to flash the memory? When I have shown to some cell phone service shop they said possibly some IC problem. My phone is just beyond warranty period.

Any suggestion(in details please) how can I make the phone ok? Please advice urgently.

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Did u try to "Reset Factory Settings" ?

Try it by either typing code *#7780# or by going to:

Menu -> Settings -> Restore Factory Settings

If it doesnt work, then try to upgarde teh s/w of ur phone from Nokia Service center...


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This happens ..

Format the phone - *#7370# (Completely Safe-Dont worry)
Just make sure the phone is charged


Better go to service center & get the latest Firmware installed

Check the current by pressing - *#0000#

So that ... you know whether they have updated it or just did the re-format.
Which you can do it yourself

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