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Nine Inch Nails Releases Free Album In High Definition Audio

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The joy Of Wow
Tren Reznor is not only breaking the old distribution model, he's even breaking the newest, like Radiohead's pay-what-you-want: Nine Inch Nails' latest album—The Slip—is 100% free, no payment required in any case, not even when you download the whooping 1.2GB version—which includes high definition WAVE 24/96 files (better-than-CD-quality 24bit 96kHz audio.) You can also choose from high-quality MP3s, FLAC lossless and M4A lossless. Note to record labels: drop dead. [NIN]


The Devil's Advocate
coldplay released a single of their new album for free, violet hill, awesome track


Right off the assembly line
Radiohead, colplay and Nine Inch nail....bad news for record companies.....Now they are dependent on Hannah Montana and hillary duff.........


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Bhut anyay hua tere sath. Agar mujhe kisi din ye mil gaya to Bartan saaf karvaunga ghar ke sare isse .
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