Nexus 7 3G will work here?


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So guys, I am getting myself a Nexus 7 3g (32GB) from Germany.
I wanted to ask if there would be any issue with indian carriers.
Simply put, will 3G work with indian carriers like vodafone, Airtel, etc.
Thanks in advanced.
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Wait a minute... There is no 3G Nexus 7 tablet... I need more reliable sources... Android Central, Verge, Engadget, Ars Technica... anything reliable...


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Nexus ? Google

Introducing Nexus 7 with mobile data.

Nexus 7 is designed to go wherever you go – and now with up to 32GB of storage and the ability to connect to mobile data networks – Nexus 7 can take you even further. Nexus 7 can now operate on more than 200 GSM providers worldwide


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so will it work or not??do german carriers and indian carriers use same frequencies for 3g?

Of course 3G will work here... its universal, nothing country specific :)

Anyways.. the bigger question to be asked here is whether Google Play works in India?

As far as I know, nothing beyond Google's App store is available here in India currently.
So the purpose of nexus 7 as what google says "Made for Google Play" is not met untill Google Play becomes fully functional here! :|

I'd rather suggest you to go with Galaxy Tab 2 which has 3G and calling capabilities. Besides Flipkart is giving away some goodies along with it for 19k or so.
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