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Newbie needs advice on sharing Sify B'band using WiFi router

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Dear frends,
I just got Sify bband. I can use it with 2 computers max as a Sify rule like a standalone computer. The MAC address of each LAN card of both machines (an AMD 64 desktop n a Vaio laptop) r registered with Sify. So we can't use the Sify connection with other two: one is an Apple iBook with Airport wireless card and other one is also a Vaio. Somebody suggested me to use Netgear router to share all the machines.

1. Which one should I use Netgear(WGR614) or DLink (DI524)? Is there any other better model?

2. Will the whole set up be like a proxy server? I mean would I have to keep the Desktop always on and connected to Sify and then share it with rest of the machines? the DLink guy whom I approached says 'that its not necessary n thats wht routers are for'. but I am confused abt the MAC address stuff. What he is saying is that true?

3. Is it possible to login from the router ? I mean I don't want that proxy kinda stuff.

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