1. true_lies

    New Water purifier purchase [Swift purchase]

    We shifted to our new home few months back. Back in the old place, the water used to come from the city water works supplied by the MC. The new place is in the outskirts and away from the MC limits. The water here is quite hard and supplied via bore-well and society underground water storage...
  2. B

    screws supplied with Deepcool and coolermaster fans

    I have tried to fix Deepcool and coolermaster 80mm cabby led fans. Ofcourse they are good in performence, the screws supplied with them are poor. I need to apply too much pressure to fasten them.. Is there way to get rid of such screws?
  3. E

    FM signal weak and distorted

    Dear Sir or Madam, Please advise what I should consider do to improve the (weak) quality of my FM receiver reception, and to connect with more (local) stations? My media entertainment centre is located in my basement, some six feet below ground level. Static from my Samsung Digital Surround...
  4. G

    logging in a LAN

    Hi Freinds In our office LAN, in an xp machine thru admin account I was changing the name of the c I selected the office domain and clcked ok. It asked "the computer name changed restart to take the effect". After I restarted Iam not able to log onto either the pc or the domain it kees...
  5. sandeepthapa31

    E Donkey software

    I dont know if this the right forum to post this topic. Guys I am on a lookout for the E Donkey soft ware, I need some trial version. Is there any such software supplied by Digit which can work exactly/somewhat like e donkey software. :P :P
  6. K

    Installing dataone modem Huawei MT882 on fedora 3

    Please explain how to install MT882 modem supplied with BSNL broadband on fedora 3 ?????????????
  7. S

    What is the frequency of the RAM

    I had bought 2 DDR RAM's of 256 MB each @ 400MHz But When I checked the frequency of the RAM in CPUZ it is showing 200MHz. Even in the BIOS the max option is 200. But the MoBo manual says that it can support 400 MHz RAM. Yet Again The dealer insists that he has supplied me 400Mhz RAM...
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