*[NEW!]* Opera 7.60 Preview 4!

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Yes, the next update is here!
It features improved notification pop-ups for downloads and messages, amongst several new changes and fixes.

As usual:

Due to the experimental nature of this release, upgrading a previous Opera installation is not recommended. If you'd like to test your mail from a previous release with this preview, delete the \Opera\Mail\ folder, then copy your entire Mail folder from your old install to your 7.60 Preview 4 installation.

-> Note that there are a few issues with 7.6 p4 already (can be fixed):

Fix Mail Display in 7.60 Preview 4 for Windows
Fix Voice setup in 7.60 Preview 4 for Windows


For Windows:

For Linux and FreeBSD:

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There is another option also available(I did not want to start a new thread for this) Guys try out Netscape 7.2 it too is good and fast.



I am using opera 7.52
I wish to continue without installing 7.60
Opera is the best browser i have ever seen as it is an all in one browser.


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thnx dexy.....

i was just lokin for some Opera PR 3 updates...

ur post saved time of going all the way to opera website and download... :)
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