New Monitor Buying advice


Right off the assembly line
I am looking to buy a new monitor around the budget of 20000rs.

I want atleast a 23 or 24 inch monitor. If I can get an IPS that would be perfect. My primary use of my PC is for gaming and Editing/VFX work.

I have singled out LG IPS 27EA53V Widescreen 27" LED TFT and Dell Ultrasharp U2412M. The LG is about 2-3k above my budget but I can stretch it and manage if it really is a good monitor. I have a bit of concern with the U2412M as it was launched in 2011. Any reviews for the same would be appreciated.

I am open to any other suggestions.

I also have a LG flatron L177WSB which I hope to use as my secondary display monitor. Though I am facing a curious problem with my current monitor. If the monitor goes into sleep mode I cant get it turned on. I switch on-off the main power of the monitor repeatedly and maybe after doing it some 40-50 times about 5 mins the monitor would start. Anyone got any ideas about the problem I might have?



For 23-24" category I'll suggest you to buy AOC i2369vm for Rs 12,500/- which is an AH-IPS LG panel with VGA,DVI,DP,HDMI,MHL input options and with very high color accuracy.
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