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new ccleaner 1.27.242 has some new noticable updates...

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2 points

One, please mention that it is Beta release... It is advisable for most people to download stable releases instead of beta..

Two, correct the link on the post to www.ccleaner.com (note that hyperlinks in posts are automated and can lead to errors, therefore, always re-read your post after submitting it to avoid problems)



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thank u sakumar for ur words of wisdom. i will definately keep them in mind !


i did not wish to bog one down with trivialities, hence i had not mentioned the word 'beta'. ms ant-spy has been a beta for since ...how long...?
ccleaner users know it to be stable; and on clicking the link u get this info imdtly. if it was a new application, the beta would have made more sense, and hence would have been mentioned.

and whats wrong with my link !? it says www.ccleaner.com, dznt it ?!

by the way, semantics, 'grammatics', etc apart, do u like ccleaner ? do try it sometimes friend. u will like it so much, that u will forget pointing out 'perceived' silly mistakes in others posts !

oops...i forgot to re-read this post.....old habits die hard, they say ! :)


I have used ccleaner but I did not use beyond a couple of times... I can appreciate that many may find it useful, but for me:
1. I dont use IE
2. I have already disabled tracking History of docs
3. I have a more powerful Registry cleaner

Anyway, regarding beta issue, when you go to the website and check for that download, even there they mention that beta is for advanced users only and not recommended for regular users...

Regarding the link, check the links in both posts carefully... The first post has a fullstop at the end of the link (after the 'com') and the second has a comma at the end...

Anyways, for those of you who use ccleaner, ENJOY...



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I am a great fan of Ccleaner and
why not try beta
And who said beta's are unstable ? :?:
I beg to defer sakumar79 !

Thanks for that info!
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