networking - How to share printer - please help...!!!

Discussion in 'Networking' started by sincereheart, Oct 9, 2005.

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    networking - How to share printer - please help...!!!

    Respected Tech Gurus,

    Please help me with following:

    There are two computers A and B (say).(They are in two adjacent rooms)

    A has windows advanced server 2000 OS.
    B has windows XP professional OS.

    HP laserjet 3015 is connected to computer B.

    Now I want to take printouts on Hp laser jet printer from Computer A also at times.

    I understand that this requires networking.

    However, I am NOT a very computer savvy person and therefore need help.

    I have purchased CAT 5 cross over cable and Compex 8 port switch.

    Also computer A has two NICs - one onboard Intel 865 and another extra Dlink.

    Also computer B has one NIC.

    Now please say me someone step by step how do i network the two computers so that I can:

    1. share files
    2. share printer
    3. share internet connection

    Please explain me step by step assuming that I have to do networking of my own and I have never done it before but ready to do it now.

    please guide.

    Thanks and best regards


    sunandoghosh at rediffmail dot com
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    off to "never ever" land
    since there are only 2 computers u can connect them directly using the cross over cable
    if u wanan connect thru the swithc then u need 2 STRAIGHT CABLES ...
    connect each computer to the switch
    then follow steps given by me here

    similarly to sharing there
    goto printers and faxes in control panel in the computer the printer is connected to ofcourse

    right click on the printer u wanan share click on sharing
    click share this computer over network
    give it a share name
    now just like in the above link how u access folders using \\ip address\sharename
    u can similarly access the printer using \\ip address\printer sharename

    i hope this is clear .. if not it'll be once u read the link i gave

    to share internet connection read my tut here
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