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Network Virus headche.

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Ambassador of Buzz
I am posting my Trend Micro Pc cillin internet security firewall log file (a part):----

"Personal Firewall","2006/07/09",

"Type","Time","Protocol","Source IP Address","Source Port","Destination IP Address","Destination Port","Application Path","Application Description","Description"
"Network Virus","05:14:09","TCP","","1670","","135","---","---","MS03-026_RPC_DCOM_EXPLOIT"
"Network Virus","05:16:03","TCP","","3500","","135","---","---","MS03-026_RPC_DCOM_EXPLOIT"
"Network Virus","05:42:18","UDP","","1054","","1434","---","---","MS02-039_SQL_SERVER_RESOLUTION_EXPLOIT"
"Network Virus","06:48:40","TCP","","3394","","445","---","---","MS04-011_LSASS_EXPLOIT"
"Network Virus","06:49:30","TCP","","1353","","135","---","---","MS03-026_RPC_DCOM_EXPLOIT"
"Network Virus","06:50:13","TCP","","4879","","135","---","---","MS03-026_RPC_DCOM_EXPLOIT"
"Network Virus","06:51:32","TCP","","3621","","135","---","---","MS03-026_RPC_DCOM_EXPLOIT"

The whole log file is filled up with this three different variant of Network Virus.What should I do.


Cyborg Agent
Well what is the exact message....Is it that they have been blocked...If yes then no need to worry...I also keep gettin messages from kaspersky that these are blocked....


Ambassador of Buzz
It shows me the following pop up message;-----


Network virus Alert
PC Cillin Internet Security has detected and blocked a network virus.
Run a manual scan of your computer and halt internet traffic to check for,eleminate and prevent further propagation of the virus.

Does that mean my computer is vulnerable to network virus.If yes what should I do.
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