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netstat, limewire, notepad, dap, many many problems.

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Hi All,

I have this confusion. The netstat command sometimes shows host and foreign addresses as 127.0.0.x ( random) mostly when

using limewire. Just netstatted and got the following addresses

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State

^^ Filtered.... Now these Foreign addresses are confusing.

The moment I opened limewire Zone alarm authenticated and gave source IP as port 45184 ( no probs with port) but how

can the source ip be ?

Now the confusing s*it. I access my Internet thru Cable, LAN. Just netstatted randomnly and there was request sent to ip Now since this ip is local ip and my network is completely different, I am really confused and curious so as to

what is this. Here is the screen shot.

<snipped> for security reasons
===Audio Problem===

For some very good reasons I dont know my two left speakers of Intex 2000 watts woofers gives low output sound compared to

right. Did try every setting from control panel, dint help.

While playing a song in media player, if I open real player, it gives "In use...." error and I have to unistall and reinstall

audio drivers from device manager to continue. This didnot happen earlier.

===Mouse Problem===

I did bring this up earlier. I have LG Optical mouse which was not working properly earlier, no it is. The issue is it is too

sensitive. 7/10 times it double clicks for single click, this is getting annoying. I adjusted the sensivity from control

panel but i may be missing something.

===DAP Problem===

Now this is real strange. I use DAP Premium The download speed options are like listed below

Normal Speed.
Accelerated Speed.
High Acceleration Speed.
Super Acceleration Speed.
Extreme Acceleration Speed.

The major difference is between selected download sources. For last it downloads from 10 locations, 1 above its 7 and so on.

Now when I select Extreme acceleration speed, it only downloads from 4 locations where as "Super acceleration" has 7 sources.

I remember extreme acceleration downloaded from 10 locations. Help!!!

===MSN Live===

I got invited for MSN live beta ( thanks to Tuxian :) ) everything went smoothly except that there are no buddies in my list

now. I had 22 :( Plz help.

===File association issue===

Normally when we try to open a file with no extention, it asks us "choose a program to open" but in my case it opens with

Notepad directly, this is pain in....

Only this as of now :D I may be forgetting some...Plz plz plz help :D


first things first remove that pic ..
or rather ill do it for u
the thing is it is showin ur external ip address and that could be dangerous for u
so for ur safety sake im deletin it

the dap problem can be for 2 reasons
either the download had already started and later u chose extreme acceleration speed
or the server supports only 4 parallel downloads

either case its not much of a difference over 5 parallel downloads
beyond that the diff is negligible

back to the first problem addresses is ur local computer so thats not a problem
as for the other .. MAYBE limewire is downloadin from someone on ur lan ?
or limewire has a way of sharing itunes files on lan .. if u use itunes that is
so someone coul dbe accessing ur database
check in limewire properties thoroughly this is listed somewhere

the notepad and file association problem
have u installed autopatcher ?
one of its tweaks is to open "unknown" files with notepad by default
so if u have no program association it opens with notepad
ill look for a reversal code ...
or u can google it

i cant help u with msn live or the mouse problem
as for the audio try removing it from device manager
and reinstallin once it is redirected

one of the longest posts i made in a long time :D


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Thanks a lot raven for deleting the pic if it was for security purpose. Wel I will reply in detail tomo, gtg to job tomo so gt sleep :) oh well I dont use autopatcher, neither am i downloading naything from lan, disables itunes, no change :( once again thanks for the help. Just wondering where from that 192. ip came up when my network ip is 172

Edit: Just saw disabling itunes did connect. Thank you.


Coming back to life ..
I havent read the full post but lemme clear that localhost doubt.
Your firewall allows your computer to use any ports on the address ie localhost cauz many programs use it for internal services.
Now most p2p clients (Limewire included) needs many port open (on Gtunella you have to upload too remember that) .. But opening many ports will compromize the security ... So what they do is to use the localhost address to proxy those ports .. (proxy isnt the correct word but I cant find another) and a single port is open on your computer (6346 I think it is) and the traffic is channeled through that port and then segmented on the localhost ... Even if you dont use Limewire, you'll notice that Windows Update also use localhost for those purpose .. You'll find svchost listening on localhost often ...

So dont worry about it, thats quite normal .. Now lemme read more ..

[Edit] I just recalled the word .. Its called tunneling ..


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Well first of all sorry for late reply. Just got off job and time to be on forums yippey!!

Thanks waznt me for the explanation, it did add up to my knowledge. Well in the pic where it was shown that some application of sumthn sent a request to ip 192.168.0.x (dont remember what) this is real conufusing. My network is now where near 192, it all 172, how why which ....did 192 got pinged?
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