Netbooks or tablets??


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Hey guys,i have a query....this is for a friend of mine...well he is wondering whether he should go for netbook or a tablet..his budget is about Rs20000...he needs internet on the move,to watch movies,pictures etc...but there is another query here...tablets with 3g connections turn out to be more costly than a netbook with a say tata photon connection isn't it??Correct me if i am should be easy to carry..if u are recommending a netbook or tablet,pls be kind enough to tell me the model as well..Thank you...

pls help out...its urgent

really nobody yet..someone out there..HALLP!! :D

Halp again!!! :(

ok i have decided on a netbook....can u guys suggest a good netbook for 15000...


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For browsing and watching movies a tablet is much better and also to carry around and If he has a smartphone with wifi he can tether it to get net connection on it so its the best thing to do.
In tablet iPad best if battery life is important
Or else there are variety of Android devices and also Windows 8 tablets are going to come but by 2012 end.
What I do is the same, I have 3G data plan on my N8 and use an app called Joikuspot to connect to net on my iPad 2 wifi only model, there is similar apps for Android devices also


Judgement Time!!
but isn't 3g expensive??Won't running an ipad with 3g cost more than a netbook with say tata photon the long run


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Tablets are a half trick pony.

Get a netbook. Avoid Intel Atom as it sucks.

Get AMD E-350 or better. If low on budget, then get AMD C-50.

I'd recommend the Vaio one mentioned above. It has E-450.


ive used lappy and tablet also HP Touchpad WEb OS tablets are not good for typing but good for viewing only .. so your friend cant type long emails , discuss in forums like think digit etc etc..
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