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Needs help with my Audio Problem...URGENT


The Thunderer
I have a Windows 7 32 bit PC, with sound of High Definition Audio Device. I opt to keep my output to Speaker, seems to be work fine, but when I open a MP3 file to play a music, the output changes from Speaker to Digital Audio [S/PDIF] one and a dialogue box comes up stating "An audio device was disconnected or reconfigured. verify that the Audio Device is connected, and then try to play the item again". I don't know how to handle this problem. Somebody please help me.

I think my Speaker is getting disconnected itself when played with a sound. It says.. "Not Plugged In" in Sound Properties from Control Panel.


Legend Never Ends
With what are you trying to play a song? Check in the player settings if you can manuallyy make the settings to the desired Output


I think, therefore I am.
Try Realtek drivers. Some of them are labelled as "High Definition Audio Device" in the Control Panel and Device Manager.

If that doesn't work it's probably because you don't have the actual sound device driver set installed. The "High Definition Audio Device" probably pertains to some generic windows driver that is either missing or not compatible with your system.

If this is the case, the solution is simple. Identify your soundcard/onboard sound chip and install the corresponding drivers. Check your invoice or check with the manufacturer to ID your sound device.
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