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Needing an Ext. HDD (firewire400+eSATA)


Core i7 (nehalem) Owner
Hey guys,

back here to the forums after a long time, wow there hv been many exciting things going around in various threads.. :)

Neways... here's my requirement... so plz help me :)

1.) I need a Firewire400 and/or eSATA based ext. HDD as i have many game ISOs so want to (obviously) have a faster data transfer b/w my PC/lappy and the Ext. HDD using either Firewire400 or eSATA

My mobo (as seen in my siggy) has both Firewire400 and eSATA ports whereas my Laptop (Sony Vaio E Series with core i3-330M) has ONLY eSATA

So, USB3.0 based ext hdd is outta the equation, also my reqd capacity is in excess of 1TB so anything >=1TB wud be really gr8... :)

Note: DO not mind having the power adapter, as im very much sure that such high capacity ext HDDs hv a power adapter with them. :)

2.) I also have an EXPRESS SLOT/34 err.. the smaller sized slot (i guess tats wat its called, one is 54 and the other is 34). so was jus asking wat other options can i have suppose the ext hdd has ONLY firewire400 port (wich my PC has) but.. (my lappy lacks, as it has only eSATA) so hw can i use the EXPRESS CARD 34 slot to best use..?? (supposing i get a ext,. HDD wich has ONLY Firewire400 port (minus the eSATA connectivity port) :)

Cheers n e-peace....
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