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  1. T

    SATA to eSATA cable

    Guy I have an esata port on the back of my motherboard. I have SATA drives which i would like to connect to the sata interface without opening up the cabinet, so I thought of buying a SATA to eSATA cable. The eSATA port is internally connected to a SATA interface. Where would I get...
  2. J

    Upgrading from P4 to AMD(Budget Rig)

    Hi Guys, This is my first post on Digit Forum I am planning to Upgrade from a P4 bought 7 years ago. So my current config is Intel P4, MSI Mobo(845 i guess), 1 GB DDR(400), 80 GB PATA HDD, a Lite on DVD-RW and an ATX cabinet. Apart from this i have a 500 GB WD Caviar Green SATA which i can...
  3. mohityadavx

    Connect Desktop HDD to laptop

    I am having Dell XPS 15 with eSATA connector in it. Now i wanted to connect my desktop HDD to my laptop so i was thinking of buying an eSATA to SATA cable. My question is but how can i give power to HDD when i want to use it( as it wont run without separate power supply)?? Any alternate method...
  4. ashu888ashu888

    Needing an Ext. HDD (firewire400+eSATA)

    Hey guys, back here to the forums after a long time, wow there hv been many exciting things going around in various threads.. :) Neways... here's my requirement... so plz help me :) 1.) I need a Firewire400 and/or eSATA based ext. HDD as i have many game ISOs so want to (obviously) have...
  5. C

    portable esata and usb 2/3 hdd

    I am looking for a portable esata and usb 2/3 hdd. But I dont seem to find one. The only option I see is to purchase seagate freeagent and pay 2000 bucks for the esata cable which seems quite expensive. Any other option?

    Western Digital Announces 6TB External Hard Drive

  7. G

    Economical esata 500 gb drive

    Helloo friends Can u guys please suggest me an affordable esata drive at around 500 gb capacity added connectivity with usb will be a bonus thanks!!!!
  8. angie

    Hard disk suggestion

    I want to buy an external hard disk. Budget: upto 6k 2.5" or 3.5" Please suggest me models with esata ports or without. If you have any idea about price (with esata ports), that will be very helpful.
  9. I

    High speed esata pen drives for my Laptop

    who sells themat Lamington Road?...surely Mumbai doesnot consist only of raddi users. I am about to receive a esata reader via the pciexpress card for my T400. I have a couple of kingston highspeed drives (with encryption++). I presume the good speed pen drives must have migrated to esata long...
  10. A

    Internal Sata HDD to esata?

    I've got an internal SATA HDD, and i wanna connect it to my laptop which has an eSATA port. is there any way to connect them? can we get have any kinda cable for that? lemme know please...
  11. cyber


    what is an eSATA port.
  12. quad_master

    seagate vs wd

    I wanna buy an external HDD…capacity 320 GB or 500 GB:D…point is should I go for western digital or Seagate?? notice the price difference in case of 500GB...Confused!!:confused: Their price I found on respective site- Seagate- FreeAgent Pro 320GB, FireWire400, USB 2.0, eSATA, $ 85.99 500GB...
  13. R

    Help in choosing: E2180 or 5000+ Black edition

    Hi guys: This is going to be my first rig that I am going to overclock. I intend to get the cpu to run around 3Ghz without heavy investment in cooling. I want to spend as little as possible and get the maximum performance out of it. I rarely play games so I am looking at integrated graphics...
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