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need urgent help with my new p67 platform


my new p67 platform is doing some crazy stuff
yesterday night when i installed my components and put the power on,it entered the bios,showed me starting win 7 ,a bsod and shut down
i did try to boot on my old os so maybe the bsod was due to that.but the next time i tried to power on the machine,all components would power up for a second and go off again.it has been the same story all the time since then.plz help.my spcs are
core i7 2600k
msi p67A gd 65
seasonic X850
gskill ripjaws x 8GB
gtx 580 lightning
2x1TB hdd
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Are you using a new install of Win 7, if not(i.e old install) try reconfiguring sata mode from bios, set it to ide or enhanced ide or whatever and try.

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have you overclocked?

also try a CMOS reset.

check your RAM sticks one at a time to see if they make a difference.

which case are you using?


just tried to jump start psu and didnt work.so going for a replacement tomorrow.hope this solves the issue


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ohh psu prob....this becomes so frustrating when u r installing your new system which you had been eagerly waiting for and suddenly one or the other things don't work...

well let us know if the problem gets resolved
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