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  1. S

    i5-2400 vs i5-2500k for gaming ?

    h67 vs p67 vs z68 mobo Which among these motherboars is the best for gaming.I'm looking for a motherboard for a price < 8k. It would b gr8 if you can giv d pros and cons of each mobo(h67 or p67 or z68).
  2. V

    Mobo for i5 2500K:Gigabyte p67 ud5 b3 or z68? Or any others?

    Hello!My first thread! I'm Planing to get an i5-2500K--::Certainly Fixed on that!:mrgreen: But the Problem:Mobo--Is P67 the only one out there that supports overclocking...or ...or...are they any other good ones...?? If im compelled to get the p67--i think I'l have to--but having to spend...
  3. xynidexxx

    Z68 vs. P67, what is the difference?

    Suffixes viz. DIGI VRM, PRO, LE as if weren't enough to confuse us on a P67 already:-? until recently this Z68 came up. I'm narrowing down to some very good boards(exclude ROG please:smile:) for my soon-to-exist i5 2500k build and here's what i have chalked out: PROCESSOR: INTEL CORE i5 2500k...
  4. N

    i5 2400 vs i5 2500k

    hey guys i am from pune i am getting new system this week i am getting gtx 560ti graphic card at 12.5k here i am confused deciding motherboard and cpu combo i am getting i5 2400 and h61 combo for 12.7k is this enough for gaming at 1280X1024?or should i get 2500k/p67 which is the...
  5. C

    need urgent help with my new p67 platform

    my new p67 platform is doing some crazy stuff yesterday night when i installed my components and put the power on,it entered the bios,showed me starting win 7 ,a bsod and shut down i did try to boot on my old os so maybe the bsod was due to that.but the next time i tried to power on the...
  6. bssunilreddy

    What is the cost of ASRock P67 Extreme4 and Extreme6 Motherboards in India?

    Hi guys, I want to know the prices and availability of ASRock P67 Extreme4 & Extreme6 Motherboards in India.Who are the dealers and distributors for south.Are they any good at all compared to Asus,Gigabyte and MSI products.Kindly please advice. Thanks.
  7. vickybat

    Pcie scaling on p67 platform

    Guys here's an interesting article on gpu performance on the now popular p67 platform. It seems nvidia has an advantage here in terms of scaling as amd seems to be having a performance hit in x16 ,x8 & x4 modes. Source Read and post comments.:smile:
  8. Aj12

    P67 vs X58

    OK guys, lets hear it... I am buying a new computer as some of you may know, so I am looking at all these different websites about x58 v. p67 and they are confusing the hell out of me. Saying x58 is still a better platform and what not. So what should I do? gaming and media playback at 1080p...
  9. slashragnarok

    Price of motherboard P67

    please remove this thread..
  10. ghantaukay

    Desperately seeking P67

    I am desperately looking for an Asus mobo P67 pro with b3 stepping. Can anyone direct me to a site where it is available. I have already tried ebay ; techshop ; theitdepot ; itwares ; smc ; primeabgb ; bitfang.None of them have the ones with b3 setting. :sad:
  11. ghantaukay

    Emergency ! SOS!

    I have just placed an order for an Asus P8P67-Pro motherboard from theitdepot.com.The dealer is ready to ship the mobo tomorrow.I just got an email from a friend saying that all P67 mobos SATA 3 GB/sec ports would degrade in performance with time. So all motherboards from all brands...
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