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need suggestions for a touchscreen phone ???

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hi all

need suggestions on which touchscreen phone to buy from the below:
nokia n97 mini,
samsung omnia hd,
apple iphone 3gs,
sony xperia x10
budget upto 25-30k.


Rockin g33k
Cut the N97 and the Omnia Hd from your list.If you want to save some money, get the Vivaz. Better sound,pic and video quality than the omnia hd.

What would you use your phone for?


Broken In
iPhone 3GS hands down. Best of all the listed. Experience is worth it. I have used all you mentioned except n97 mini. You may wait though. Apple might release iPhone 4G in a couple of months.


Guys, Need your views on touchscreen phone.

AGPS (works without GPRS)
Flash which can be used as torch incase of emergency
Good camera (2 to 3 MP)

Please suggest.


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I think this would come down to a choice between Sony Xperia X10 and Apple iPhone. For the above poster you just pretty much summed up alot of phones so make sure you put in more specifics like Budget.
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