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Need Suggestions(buying a laptop)

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Well my dad has agreed to buy me a laptop,
and i wanted to buy something i can use for gaming as well.even if i am not able to play games at very high settings even med-high will do :D

My budget as told by dad is 30k (though it can be stretched to something around 45k)

Suggest some good laptops in that range please with links if possible :)


Gaming laptop for 30grand, impossible in India. In fact you would be hard pressed to find one even if you increase the budget to 45000. make it at least 50 grand and look at Dell's site.


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like i said it doesnt have to be a gaming laptop. something that has decent config to run new games.. :)
well 45k might be possible ... after loads of emotional blackmail and all :p
but 50k not possible :(
well i had checked out the dell site,the inspiron with gfx 2gb ram and decent porccy comes to about 54...
wont an acer or something come for cheaper??


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Well here's a secret...catch hold of a Dell employee and buy it through EPP...your dream will be fulfilled within 45k :)
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