1. P

    Bar LCD's or Stretched LCD's or Ultra Wide Stretched Bar LCD's

    Does any one know of any Distributor or Place in india where i can get Stretched bar LCD's preferably 37" to 50". I am currently working on a project where i need this. Thank you very much.
  2. M3gaTron

    [Want to Buy] Smartphone for 18k-20k

    Hi all. Im looking for a smartphone. Budget is 18k -20k. Budget can be stretched. :) Note 2 highly prefered :) Thanks
  3. ajayritik

    Personal pic set as wallpaper looks stretchy

    I have some pics taken from my Canon Powershot 550 which I copied to my desktop when I set this as wall paper on my Monitor I find that these photos look as if they have been stretched. Is there something I can do to correct this problem? I have my monitor set to native resolution. I have...
  4. RCuber

    Whats the song!!

    I am looking for this song which has the words "DON'T WANNA BE LONELY", I dont know which artist has voiced this song as there are many results coming up when I googled, all I remember is that it had "Loonleyyyy" stretched. My sister is bugging me to get the song for her. I will buy this song...
  5. N

    Screen appearing stretched! :(

    I have a Lenovo Laptop (N-Series : 3000 N100) & am facing a weird problem. My screen supports 1280x768 resolution. Everything was fine uptil recently when one day, as I switched on my lappy, my Windows XP (SP3) started showing that a new hardware was found (Digital Flat Panel) & installed it...
  6. G

    desktop screen abnormally stretched

    hi all, my desktop screen is stretched abnormally lengthwise. i tried 2 fix it manually wid desktop control buttons, but of no use. what shud i do? shud i need 2 reinstall my windows xp?
  7. jack_the_ripper

    Normal movies on Wide Screen without looking stretched?

    hi guys, My friend is planning to get a 22" wide-screen LCD monitor, basically for watching movies, and he asked me something which i couldnt answer, so thought i could look for answers here. well he wanted to know if movies can be played on the wide screen without looking 'stretched', coz he...
  8. F

    Need Suggestions(buying a laptop)

    Well my dad has agreed to buy me a laptop, and i wanted to buy something i can use for gaming as well.even if i am not able to play games at very high settings even med-high will do :D My budget as told by dad is 30k (though it can be stretched to something around 45k) Suggest some good...
  9. chatterjeesayan

    screen display distortion

    I believe I had a adware/spyware problem which I have cleaned up. But, something went in an adjusted my screen display so, that it is stretched, enlarged and discolored. I do not know how to re-adjust my display to fix my screen... Any suggestions?
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