1. gohan89

    Need opinion on iBerry and WickedLeaks!!!!

    I was amazed to see the iberry Auxus X2 3G and the newly released WickedLeak Wammy Magnus being priced at such a sweet spot bringing awesome performance for a very reasonable price which makes me look away from brands like Samsung.They seem too good to be true!!!! :shock: But still I am hesitant...
  2. G

    want to buy a tablet for 10 to 15k

    i have studied a lot about tablets under budget of 10 to 15k bt still i am confused. i came to conclusion that i can go for following tabs 1. spice stellar mi 1010 2. karbonn smart tab 10 cosmic 3. zync 1000 4. i berry auxus core x2 3g 5. samsung newly launched galaxy tab...
  3. kg11sgbg

    The Iberry AUXUS AX01 Tablet: Better Tablet?

    Hi! Forum friends,yesterday I received the AUXUS AX01 Tablet from Iberry through "Flipkart". Flipkart is unbeatable regarding the packaging and service to Customers. This is the "SEALED" Box from Iberry via Flipkart,which I had to cut open the plastic layer.They had provided the POUCH as a...
  4. I

    Which Tablet to buy?

    These days many tablets are being launched in India. I confused which tablet is good to buy. Some of the choices are - 1 )Micromax Funbook / Funbook Pro / Funbook Alpha 2) iberry Auxus ax01 / ax02 3) Zync Z990 4) LAVA ETAB Z7H 5) Karbonn Smart Tab Which of them do you think is good...
  5. kool

    ►► 3G TAB vs TAB with USB MODEM vs TAB with Pocket WI-FI router vs PHABLET. Which one is best ??

    Guys, I'm looking for tab from 2 months since funbook launched. And now its like market is flooded with so many indian/local brand like: WAMMY, VEEDEE, XTAB, SWIPE, BSNL PANTEL, ZYNC, iBerry etc.. Almost all tabs have similar features with price tag Rs.8k-12k. My requirement is inbuilt SIM...
  6. P

    Tablet with RDP support

    Hi, I need a tablet and want to access my desktop thru RDP support. if any one used this feature in any tablet please share your experience. I am thinking to buy iberry ax03 with 3g support or any Tablet having 3G with ICS. Budget : I want to keep it low Thanks
  7. ankit.kumar010203

    Ainol Novo 7 Elf II VS IBERRY AUXUS AX03G..

    Which one is best....?:-?:-?
  8. ankit.kumar010203

    IBERRY AUXUS AX03G LAUNCHED...!!!Question About Build Quality...!!!

    IBERRY AUXUS AX03G LAUNCHED...?? Question About Build Quality...!!! DO YOU KNOW IBERRY WHEN AUXUS AX03G WILL LAUNCH...?? :oops::oops: I am Waiting For its preorder....I Have Enquiry About This Tab That Is The Company Iberry A Good Company or any chinese tab?:-? What About Its Life.....?Is...
  9. ankit.kumar010203

    Any More News About Iberry Auxus Ax03g?

    Any More News About Iberry Auxus Ax03g?:-?:-? I Found That In Every Website,They Have Copied Same Contents From Each Other....:evil::evil::evil: Is Their Any One Who Can Tell Me More News About Iberry Auxus Ax03g?:-?
  10. Anand_Tux

    Micromax funbook or iberry auxus

    Hi friends, I am planning to buy a new tablet on my birthday in June. I am little confused which to buy. My budget is around 10k. I have searched a lot and found out two models--micromax funbook(great in popularity BTW here in Delhi) & iberry auxus AX02. . I also have a Airtel 3G data card, also...
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