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Need help on NOKIA C6...URGENT


infibeam.com has it online since April as coming soon. I thought this would be my first nokia phone but damn them.

all the nokia dealers says nothing but just speculates that i might come during diwali.


this is what the store in chennai said:

Me: Message: could you please confirm if the Nokia C6 is available in your store. I would like to come and purchase it tomorrow.

Sri Vasavi: Weekend.

Me: hi,weekend? what do you mean?

Sri Vasavi: Store.
weird. which proves they dont have it.


is it really gonna cost more than 14k?? The news all over the web says it'll be no more than 14!!! WTF?? any clarity?


no word. just rumours from here and there...

nokia c6 would go down the drain if its anything above 13-14k. we have so many choices above this range.
Don't go for what those stupid owners say, they just want to fool you around.

You got to face the music that C6 will be available by the end of July, and it will take atleast a week for it to luanch in india. What my prediction is, it will be released on the same date when N8 is scheduled to be released. N8 will be launched in UK on 24th of July, so on the same date C6 too should be released.



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where did u find that N8 will be released on 24 July...every discussion says that it will be released in last week of August or 24 August:oops:....
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